Video of Burglar leads to arrest

A couple of days ago there was a burglary attempt at a neighbor – The incident was caught on a Security Surveillance Video.  The Video shows 3 young men approaching a house, then running away from the house once the alarm is triggered and speeding off in a ordinary looking silver sedan.

Suspects fleeing attempted burglary after triggering Alarm

3 days later I got this email from the Captain of the Police in Oakland.

OPD is happy to inform you that the suspect in the burglary video (and responsible for numerous break ins and attempted break ins in the hills) is in custody. I will release more information when I can and doing so does not compromise the investigation.  I sincerely appreciate all of the fantastic assistance from the community on this crime series. There is no doubt that without community support these crimes may not have been solved yet.


Jeffrey Israel

Captain of Police

Oakland Police Department

It once again show that having Video evidence moves the crime to the top of the solveability list.

Thank you Oakland Police and thank you video surveillance.

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