Neighborhood Guard Footage leads to quick arrest

A neighborhood that is participating in Neighborhood Guard and is using our setup and software has sent me the following success story:

The group which is located in the Oakland Hills wishes to remain anonymous for now.

I have personally seen the footage that was submitted to the police and it clearly shows the 4 perpetrators as they leave their car to assault the front door of the house. Lucky the door held and the woman home alone was safe, her testimony was key in tying the individuals in the photos to the home invasion attempt.

Anthony Toribio, Captain of Police, Oakland Police Department
Writes to the reporting neighborhood:

One of the individuals has been arrested and there are warrants out for
the others.
The video in this case was key–best I have ever seen. Then, field officers were quickly able to identify the suspects. The suspect arrested yesterday fled from officers on two previous occasions. Yesterday, the crime response team from our area, spotted him and made the arrest without incident. I am sure the others will be caught soon.

We thank the OPD and Captain Toribio for the good work in apprehending these suspects.