Requirements for Households hosting Cameras.

Each camera in a typical neighborhood guard setup is hosted by a neighborhood household.


  1. High Speed Internet with ethernet router.
    1. Minimum 1Mbit UPLOAD speed.
      1. Comcast slowest speed is fast enough.
      2. AT&T Uverse “Max” or faster needed.
      3. AT&T Highspeed Internet is NOT fast enough.
    2. Ethernet firewall and router with 1 available 100Mbit ethernet port.
      1. USB High speed Modem talking directly to computer won’t work.
      2. Power over Ethernet only runs 100Mbit and not 1Gbit, all modern firewalls has 100Mbit/1Gbit auto sensing ports which is perfect.
      3. routers that can do wireless are fine as long as the camera can get a cable connection, (no wireless for the camera please).
      4. Firewall allowing unrestricted outgoing traffic, no incoming open ports needed. (this is default configuration)
      5. DHCP for automatic internal IP address allocation (this is default configuration)
  2. Less than 300 Feet cable run from high-speed router to camera.
    1. Low-voltage cable for camera, no buried conduit required.
  3. Available 110/120v outlet near the High speed Router.
    1. For the Power over Ethernet power adapter.
    2. Camera power consumption of 12.95Watt
      1. PG&E 2013 Tier 1 = 13 cents per kWh
      2. About $15/year
  4. Less than 100 feet to 110/120V outlet for infrared Illuminator
    1. Low-voltage cable for IR Illuminator, no buried conduit required.
    2. Infrared Illuminator Power consumption 12 Watt. About $14/year.

Technical Expertise of hosting Household NOT Required.


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