Community building and sharing of experiences is a Key Part of Neighborhood Guard

"This is Neighborhood Watch 3.0," Jesper "JJ" Jurcenoks told the standing-room-only crowd of 125 people in Montclair

Founder and former President Jesper “J.J.” Jurcenoks, Presenting at a Neighborhood Meeting – Photo

We at Neighborhood Guard volunteer to visit interested neighborhoods and present our experiences from our own backyard.

Our most popular presentation is the Camera Presentation: it last about 45-minutes plus questions.

Items covered

  1. Background for organizing our neighborhood.
  2. Setting Expectations Objectives for Community Camera Solution
  3. Bylaws, Board, Bank, Ownerships etc.
  4. Privacy and Laws
  5. What to buy
  6. Where to place the cameras
  7. How to install
  8. Real photos from a real installation
  9. Photos of criminals
  10. Experience working with the police
  11. Questions

To Request a presentation you need the following:

  1. A roster of all your neighbors so that you can invite them (your neighborhood Watch group roster is a good start)
  2. Contact to other neighborhoods so that you can be 2-3 neighborhoods that go together and arrange the event.
  3. A Large room, (Church, School, Library, YMCA, Large Living room)
  4. Either an a) VGA Projector and a screen or b) a large flat-screen TV with HDMI.
  5. 4 weeks notice, pick a weeknight Mon-Thu 7-9pm


10 thoughts on “Presentation

  1. Just came across your website… sounds very interesting. Unfortunately, I live in New Mexico. Any chance of getting a copy of your presentation?

  2. I am chairman of security for our Association. I am reading what you have published. If I could speak with one of the camera hosts that would be great.

    Rich Faber

  3. We have given a number of presentations via Video Conference.

    We have experience delivering presentations via
    Teamviewer 7.0 (Best solution when combined with phone for audio)
    Google+ hangout

  4. I am contacting you to learn if you are still actively helping other HOAs, since there are no recent posts. Then we will request a presentation date. Thank you.

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