Presentation at North Hill Community Town Hall Meeting on Security Cameras

Your Neighborhood activist Jesper “JJ” Jurcenoks will be presenting his latest findings and answer questions on Neighborhood Security Camera implementation during the


Saturday, June 30, 2012

10 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
Family Room, Montclair Presbyterian Church, 701 Thornhill Drive, Oakland

Sponsored by The Public Safety Committee (PSC) of the North Hills Community Association (NHCA)

My presentation will be right after the main introduction, and will be followed by other presentations on indoor and home security camera systems,as told by our neighbors who has practical experiences with these systems.

During the presentation I will be showing real images captured by our cameras and will explain some of the main difficulties and challenges.

There will opportunities to ask questions in forum and 1 on 1.

Hope to see you there.

============= Updated July 6, 2012 =============

"This is Neighborhood Watch 3.0," Jesper "JJ" Jurcenoks told the standing-room-only crowd of 125 people in Montclainr

San Francisco Chronicle writes: “no one received more applause than Jesper “J.J.” Jurcenoks, a self-described security activist whose cameras snap pictures of every license plate that enters his street” Photo: Paul Chinn, The Chronicle / SF

We had a great meeting in Montclair Presbyterian Church, a lot of people showed up, and the response was tremendous.

Reporter Justin Berton covered the event, and today it made the front page of San Francisco Chronicle – above the fold 😉 .

It is important to get the word out that you can actually do something about crime if you are determined enough.

I will gladly come to talk at your neighborhood meeting, the more groups that have neighborhood cameras the more secure for everyone. (anybody you catch in your neighborhood won’t come to my neighborhood and vice versa)

You can read the full San Francisco Chronicle coverage here:

I will be posting more details on the Neighborhood Guard COOP concept soon – stay tuned.

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