New Oakland Police Districts

Oakland Police department announces the borders of its new 5 districts.

Splitting Oakland from 2 districts into 5 districts Oakland is recommended by the Bratton Group. From the Bratton Group Report.

“These reforms are an important component in the larger effort to move the OPD to a Neighborhood Policing Plan, with the city divided into five districts, each commanded by a captain. The key to this new district-based structure is geographic accountability for each captain – and for their subordinate lieutenants, sergeants, and officers – for a specific area of the city with its specific crime and disorder problems, its familiar community members, and, to a significant degree, its specific cast of criminal characters. Under the Neighborhood Policing Plan, the district captains will be the principal crime fighters in the Department, each taking responsibility for crime in their respective districts and each held accountable for designing and directing responses and strategies to counter crime conditions.”

City of Oakland Police Districts

The 5 new Oakland Police districts

From Oakland Police Department – Office of the Chief communique:

“The five district commanders listed below have the authority needed to impact local community crime trends, issues, and patterns. At the same time, the commanders will be held accountable for effective police service and the quality of police/community relationships in their Districts. Most importantly, the five commanders will be able to focus on specific issues of concern to local neighborhoods.”

Contact information for your District Commander.

District 1 – Capt. Eric Lewis – (510) 238-6911 –
District 2 – Capt. Anthony Toribio – (510) 238-3958 –
District 3 – Capt. Ricardo Orozco – (510) 238-3330 –
District 4 – Capt. Steven Tull – (510) 777-8561 –
District 5 – Capt. Kirk Coleman – (510) 777-8543 –

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