Neighborhood Camera Starter Kit

Last Updated Novermber 25,2014.

The most common question I get is: Which camera are you using?

The Camera is only one part of the equation, power and lighting are very important factors.

Here is the Starter Kit for less than USD $2,000 (subject to small fluctuations, be sure to use the links below to ensure that Amazon contributes to Neighborhood Guard)

Neighborhood Security Camera Starter Kit

Rugged Swedish Outdoor 5 megapixel Camera Axis P1357-E 5MP/HDTV (1080p+)
Power Over Ethernet Camera Power supply. Alfa 48V IEEE802.3af PoE Injector, Power Over Ethernet Adapter
Ethernet Cable out to the camera CAT5E, UTP, Bulk Cable, Solid, 350MHz, 24 AWG, Black, 1000 ft
Connectors for the Cable 100 pcs Cat6, Cat5E Crimp Connectors
Cable Strain Relief RJ45 Black Strain Relief Boots (50 Pcs Per Bag)
Connector Crimp Tool New RJ45 CAT5 Network Lan Cable Crimper Pliers Tools
Black Spray Paint for Camera Rust-Oleum 249127 Painter’s Touch Multi-Purpose Spray Paint, Flat Black, 12-Ounce
Camouflage for Camera Polyester Leaf Ghillie Helmet Cover Camo Woodland
Mounting Bolts Galvanized Steel Lag Bolt, Hex Head, 5/16″, 1-3/4″ Length (Pack of 10)
Infrared Illuminator CMVision IR100 – 98 LED Indoor/Outdoor Long Range 200-300ft IR Illuminator With Free 2A 12VDC Adaptor
Long Low-voltage Power Cable for the Infrared Illuminator Coleman Cable 095136208 12/2 Low Voltage Lighting Cable, 100-Feet

We are trying to negotiate a bulk price for our members, until that is finalized please use the links above as it will get you the best prices available and make a small donation back to Neighborhood Guard.

Question from a Neighborhood Guard Member:
If we install 2 cameras, does the original order have enough ethernet cable, connectors, relief boots, mounting bolts, and low voltage cable for both cameras?

For Each Camera and Infrared light you will use:

  • 1 x Run of ethernet cable from your router to the Camera. (max 300 feet)
  • 1 x Run of low-voltage cable from weatherproof/Indoor wall outlet to camera. (Max 200 feet)
  • 2 ethernet connectors
  • 2 ethernet relief boots
  • 4 mounting bolts


10 thoughts on “Neighborhood Camera Starter Kit

  1. The Axis website says that P1347-E has been replaced with P1357-E, which seems to be cheaper. Is it worth updating to add the new camera?

  2. Why paint the camera? Won’t black make the inside camera temperature too hot in the sun?
    How many cameras can plug into one DSL router and be recorded on line? Have you tried/tested the cameras made for remote wildlife photography? Have you used stickers/signs to warn criminals away? Did you use additional side walk lighting in your neighborhood? Did you install any emergency alarms in each house in your neighborhood?

    I would like to set up a neighborhood presentation of what you did in your neighborhood. My neighborhood meets once a month on the first Sunday for a potluck buffet and get together.

  3. Greg,

    Great Questions.
    1) We hide the cameras in the shadows, Sun not a problem. White cameras are too easily seen.
    2) Number of Cameras per internet connection depends on the traffic of the street and speed of the internet connection, good starting point is 1 camera per hosting-family. We have made a small program that buffers camera upload for situations where the upload overwhelms the internet connection.
    3) Don’t know of any remote wildlife cameras that can live up to our requirements.
    4) you can read about our signs here:
    5) We use infrared lighting to illuminate subjects at night, Neighbors are encouraged to install motion sensor lighting for their own safety.
    6) Neighborhood Guard + Alarm is highly recommended but not a requirement, read here why:
    7) We would love to give a presentation to your neighborhood, order here:

    • To Setup the Camera Oracle Java is needed on both Mac and PC.
      After setup access to the images is done via Neighborhood Guard software which works on anything that will run a browser (Windows PC, Macs, Internet enabled TVs, Tables, Smart phones, game-consoles, refrigerators etc.)

  4. Excellent list of parts required. Your site has made me learn more about security cameras than I ever expected to. Two questions: Do you have posted somewhere typical views that your camera sees both day and night? I’d like to see how you trade FOV and detail resolution. Can this camera read license plate numbers and at what distance? Thank you.

    • We highly and strongly recommend that each neighborhood install their Camera’s themselves – this creates a unique all encompassing community spirit around crime prevention – which is what will make the project a success.

      Groups that outsource the installation also mentally outsource the crime prevention. Once preventing crime becomes somebody else’s problem, you end up back where you started.

      It is not very difficult to install\the cameras yourself.
      If your neighborhood can muster a group of people that together has done all of the following:
      – Plugged in a computer
      – Setup a printer
      – Configured email
      – Dug a hole in the ground
      – Screwed a screw into a piece of wood
      – Run a piece of lamp cord to a lamp and stapled it to the wall.

      Then you can do this!!

      Neighborhood Guard will be next to you the whole time and will make sure you do it right.

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