Joining Neighborhood Guard

  • Only organized neighborhoods can join Neighborhood Guard as members.
  • Individual persons are encouraged to volunteer in the organization.

Typical member organizations include:

  • Home Owners Associations (HOA)
  • Neighborhood Watch Groups
  • Other Crime prevention Groups such as:
    • Crime stoppers
    • Block Parents
    • Crime watch
    • Montclair Organized Neighborhoods. (MONs)

Signing up and getting started.

  1. Request a presentation using the “Presentation Page
  2. Setup your organization if needed
  3. Make a budget and collect the money
  4. Scout ideal locations in your neighborhood and make agreements with host families.
  5. Review the Neighborhood Guard bylaws
  6. Complete the enrollment form
  7. Pay the enrollment fee.
  8. Order the starter kit for the first camera (the pilot installation). Please use the links to Amazon on the starter kit page to ensure that donations go to Neighborhood Guard.
  9. Order signs and decoy cameras, using the links on the pages
  10. Assemble work crew of your neighbors to install signs, decoys and cameras
  11. Order the Cloud storage using our link / coupon code to ensure donation to Neighborhood Guard.
  12. Setup time with an another Neighborhood Guard member to help with the actual installation.
  13. Fine-tune installation of first camera, move it as needed to get the best images.
  14. Show your neighborhood group that you managed to get the pilot installation running by showing cool photos from your own neighborhood and fund-raise the remaining funds for all the cameras needed.
  15. Use common sense to only buy the items from the starter kit that you need for your additional cameras. (use our link again to ensure Amazon donates to Neighborhood Guard)
  16. Repeat installation of additional cameras.
  17. Convince other neighborhoods to join the movement and help them get up and running, remember ‘Any criminal caught in another neighborhood is one less criminal coming to your neighborhood.
  18. Glow in the feeling that you are doing something to fight crime in your area 🙂

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