Happy Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.

We at Neighborhood Guard want to be thankful for the resolve of our fellow neighbors here in Oakland, while all Oaklanders know about hardship we are also showing that Oakland will not surrender to crime. People of all backgrounds, social groups and skill sets are standing together united in Neighborhood Guard

We want to thank all our volunteers who helped make Monday’s event such a success:

  • Redwood Heights Recreation Center for providing room for us
  • Terry for providing a projector and screen
  • Mary Kay for moderating
  • Sandra for taking the minutes
  • Max for co-hosting the meeting with me
  • Our 15 new volunteers
  • Everybody who helped with chairs.

A special thanks to District 4 Council member Libby Schaaf and community liaison Bruce Stoffmacher for a) their constant support, b) Libby’s strong introduction Monday, c) her press contacts and d) her mention of neighborhood Guard in her “local heroes” section of this weeks newsletter.

Another special thanks goes out to the Montclarion, who gave us pre-event press coverage here by Maya Mirski, and another article covering the event in this weeks Montclarion by Maggie Sharpe.
The Stories was also picked up by San Jose Mercury news as can be seen on their web-site: pre-event here and event coverage here.

This again led CBS News Channel 5 to send their reporter Christin Ayers out to capture the story.

CBS News Channel 5

CBS News Channel 5

Last but not least: we should all be thankful for the fact that in spite of all the misdeeds that has driven us to install cameras, the cameras will record mostly honest and good people as can be seen in this video. – Enjoy.

Happy Turkey Day from the new team behind Neighborhood Guard.

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