Financial Aid program announcement

At Neighborhood Guard we believe that a safe neighborhood is based on (and in) a safe community. No neighborhood is an island and the only way to stay safe is to make other neighborhoods safe as well. The little money we have collected from our activities has to be used for the best of our community.

Today it is our pleasure to announce the Neighborhood Guard financial aid program.

Maximum level of financial support

  1. No Enrollment Fee
  2. No Yearly membership fee
  3. 2/3 contribution towards Equipment purchase. e.g. for every dollar raised  Neighborhood Guard will contribute an additional 2 dollars towards Camera Equipment.

General Eligibility Requirements

  1. Complete member of local Neighborhood Watch/Crime Watch group (Exercises done, signs installed, roster created)
  2. >90% of neighborhood residents on neighborhood roster
  3. >50% households want to be part of Neighborhood Guard
  4. Not available for Merchant Watch groups
  5. Must be within reasonable distance from nearest Neighborhood Guard support
  6. Neighborhood must cover the yearly image storage cost.
  7. Financial aid is given on a first come first serve basis until funds are exhausted for the year.
  8. Final decision to award financial support lies with the Board of Neighborhood Guard, who also has the power to make exceptions.

The Eligibility and sliding Scale.

Eligibility will be based on the latest US Census Poverty Rate data. Specifically the percentage of residents with income below poverty level. When measures on on smallest possible neighborhood census area.

The neighborhood poverty level information of available from a number of sources online.

For example here is a web-site with the poverty data for Oakland.

Zoom in to your neighborhood and click to see the poverty rates.
Determining Poverty level of your neighborhood

Sliding Scale legend
NG = Neighborhood Guard Financial aid contribution
Member = Contribution of the member neighborhood group.

Financial Aid v1.0 Sliding Scale table


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