Enrollment Fee and Annual Fee

The enrollment fee to join Neighborhood Guard is based on the total number of households in your neighborhood not just the participating households. E.g. if your block has 88 households but only 48 participate in your security initiative then you would still sign up to Neighborhood Guard based on the 88 households.

Enrollment fee structure:

Households Enrollment Fee
Up to 10 $500
11 to 50 $1000
51 to 100 $1500
101 to 150 $2000
151 to 200 $2500
Each additional 50 households Additional $500

Enrollment fee includes the yearly fee per member organization for the rest of the calendar year in which the enrollment fee is paid. (It does not include the per camera fee)

Annual Fee per member organization is $100, collected in January of each year for groups who were members on January 1st.

Fees are set by the Board of Neighborhood Guard and are subject to change with 30 days notice.

Per Camera Fee: we have planned for a “per camera fee” of $100/year, which will eventually cover the hosting fee. It has not been enacted yet, in the meantime please pay your hosting fee as described directly to Dreamhost

Please send your enrollment fee check to

Neighborhood Guard
c/o George Berge
39 Cathy Lane
Oakland, CA  94619


  1. Q: We are a poor neighborhood and the fees are high for us, what can you do?
    A: Neighborhood Guard is an inclusive organization and financial aid in the form of fee reduction is available on a case by case basis for neighborhoods pleading financial hardship. Please contact us to discuss.
  2. Q: Is the enrollment fee tax deductible?
    A: Not yet, we submitted our form to become 503 (c) 3 in December 2013 for Neighborhood Guard. With the current Backlog at the IRS we are looking for late fall 2014 before we get approved.
  3. . Monitor this blog for announcements regarding Non-profit status.
  4. Q: Is the yearly fee per household?
    A: No, the yearly fee is per member organization
  5. Q: Is the enrollment fee per household?
    A: No, the enrollment fee is per member organization
  6. Q: This enrollment fee could be a hard sell to my neighborhood – what do we get for the money?
    A: See Blog post: What do New members get for the Enrollment fee

4 thoughts on “Enrollment Fee and Annual Fee

  1. Hello, I am working on a security camera proposal for our community in which we recommend using this model . The cost of membership in N.G. may be a tough sell. Can you describe the benefits to our neighborhood of membership?

  2. Hello, my community has just submitted the application form. Is it possible to pay our membership with a credit card?

    • Alan, Currently we cannot process Credit Cards, please use your online banking to have your bank send a check to us instead.

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