Crime Team Procedure – Between crimes

What is expected of the Crime team when no crime is happening? Are we going to review each image looking for a crime?

Reviewing each image every day is a waste of good family quality time. However it is a good idea to make sure that no spider decided to put a web in front of the camera.

Here is a sample set of procedures that your neighborhood can use as a starting point.

============= Sample Crime Procedure ================

Crime Team Procedures:

The Crime Team will divide each month into shifts of equal length. Each Crime Team member will take one shift for duty during the month. During a shift, the team member will have the following responsibilities:

  1. Monitor each camera at least once per day to ensure it is operating and no obstructions are blocking its view.
  2. If a camera is not operating, inform the other team members and together determine what’s wrong. Take necessary steps to make the camera operational again.
  3. If a camera view is obstructed, remove the obstruction.
  4. If a crime or other incident is reported by a neighbor, review the camera images to identify possible suspect vehicles, contact the neighbor for additional details as needed, and prepare and send a report to the Police as appropriate. (see separate procedure)

If a team member will be away or otherwise unable to cover their shift, that member will swap shifts with another team member or otherwise arrange for coverage during their absence.

Once per month or more frequently if necessary, the camera lenses should be cleaned of dust and grasses/branches cut back to ensure clear views.

  • Only eyeglass cleaner or specially formulated lens cleaner and a soft lint-free cloth should be used on the lenses.

Once per calendar quarter, the Crime Team will send an electronic reminder to all neighbors to submit any changes to the trusted vehicle registry.

================ End Sample Crime Procedure ========================

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