Burglar shoots at witness

Oakland Police is asking citizens and neighbors to review their video footage in relation to a burglary that escalated into a shooting, morning Friday April 27, 2012 at 10:00 am.

3 young men in a Black Chevy Trailblazer burglarized a house on Thornhill drive between Armour Drive and Snake Rd.

The occupant left the house shortly before 10:00 am and burglars entered the house around 10:00 am leading to speculation that the burglars had had the house under observation waiting for the occupants to leave.

During the quick burglary an Ipod, Ipad, and jewelry was taken.

Contractors working nearby observed the burglary shortly after 10:00 and called the Police. As the burglars were leaving they saw the witnesses and shot at them, hitting their car. Police records the shot a fired at 10:17 am. The Oakland Police responded with 3 units.

The Police is looking for License plates and images of the vehicle and occupants, from anyone with a camera pointed at Snake Rd. (Unfortunately our cameras are not pointed at Snake Rd.).

Police reports that the vehicle description matches descriptions from other burglaries in the area.

Here is the sparse news coverage:


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