About Neighborhood Guard

Neighborhood Guard is Non-profit organization that has grown to a large movement of neighborhoods in and around Oakland, CA, reaching out to Palo Alto, Berkeley and Fremont.

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit.

Our Motto For Volunteering:
“Any criminal caught in your neighborhood is one less coming to mine”

Our Core values:
Community, Security, Volunteering.

Our long-term vision:
To provide communities with the tools to actively prepare themselves against threats.

Our Mission statement:
To demonstrate and evangelize non-violent methods that ordinary citizens in urban neighborhoods can actively through volunteering and activism reduce the risk of crime and natural disasters by working together, combining technology and community, with a strong emphasis on working together hand in hand with other neighborhoods, civic groups and government, in a positive spirit for the benefit of member organizations.

Neighborhood Guard Logo

100% volunteer driven.

No one gets paid for helping/working for Neighborhood Guard. No services are bought from Board members, key volunteers, or family of same.

Request a presentation in your neighborhood

We regularly gives presentations on how to organize a neighborhood for high quality video surveillance and what to expect from a security camera solution.
We typically give presentations Mon-Thu at 7:00-9:00 pm saving the week-end for family activities. We prefer to give the presentation for the entire neighborhood instead of just the block captains/crime prevention leaders, our experience shows that neighborhoods where everyone gets inspired early tend to have faster overall adoption rate for the benefit of everyone.

You can contact us on email here: president at neighborhoodguard dot org

Neighborhood Guard financial mailing address – send donation checks here 😉

Neighborhood Guard
c/o George Berge
39 Cathy Lane
Oakland, CA  94619

10 thoughts on “About Neighborhood Guard

  1. I am barely able to navigate an iPad. I also have a wifi iMac computer. I am 70 yrs old and am computer phobic. My house would be the perfect spot to place cameras for our neighborhood (only entrance to our street on one end, lower Oakmore Road), but I don’t know that I could manage the computer feedback. It all sounds wonderful but very technical and the responsibility scares me as I might blow it. Is there any hope for me learning this or should it be passed on to a younger, more up-to-date person? Your description of how you retrieved a photo of a hit an run made my eyes glaze over!

    • Penelope, There is hope for you 😉

      Our system is designed specifically with you in mind!
      Two of our design requirements where:
      1) to put minimal technical requirements on homes hosting a camera.
      2) and that images could be reviewed anywhere equally well, e.g. not only where the camera is placed.

      Currently the requirements of the homes hosting a camera is
      1) One 110 Volt outlet
      2) High speed internet connection (AT&T Uverse or Comcast xFinity or similar)
      3) Space for a power supply for the camera the size of a large box of matches

      No computer Required
      No DVR required
      No expertise required



  2. Hello, maybe you remember me…I was the one who advanced the ppt for you at the meeting Monday. It was very informative, thank you. Unfortunately I had to leave and relieve the sitter before I could ask if you might be able to attend our next Neighborhood watch meeting in January to give a brief overview of Neighborhood Guard to the group…we’re 3 streets off of one in/out access road and have been looking for a viable surveillance solution for some time. Please contact me if you might be available at (email address withheld)

    • Susan, I do remember you, We are available in January for a presentation in your neighborhood.
      We will contact you by email off-line to arrange details.

  3. Hi,

    We are a comunity in Oakland hills and want to look into inplementing a security system such as yours. How much did you pay for the Axis P1347-E security system. Also, is there a time when yo are available in January to meet to discuss it?


    Stacy Dellinger
    Montebello Terrace HOA

  4. I’ve been researching weeks to create the solution you have already done! My block is very interested in reducing our Rockridge crime rate. I’ve come up with additional plans to that end. I would like to talk with you about some technical specifics.

    Great website!

    • The Bandwidth depends on the amount of traffic on your street. Each image is about 200-400Kb depending on complexity. We only record when something happens. Typically recording speed is 4 images/sec. A car passing takes 2-4 seconds.

  5. Aloha,
    Will you be in Hawaii anytime soon 2016-2017 to share about your Neighborhood guard.

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