Non-technical hosting family problem – solved


  • Optimal hosting home belongs to:
    • a non-technical homeowner
    • a homeowner who doesn’t want power consuming and noisy equipment in their home
    • home-owner that does not want to operate technical equipment when criminal activity occurs.

Neighborhood Guard Solution:

  • Absolute minimal requirements for hosting home
    • a cable that plugs into high-speed Internet
    • a power-supply the size of a large matchbox
    • a single cable to the camera (power and data)
    • a power cable to infra-red
    • minimum annual electrical cost

      The Power supply for the camera makes no noise, uses little power and fits in the palm of a hand

      The Power supply for the camera makes no noise, uses little power and fits in the palm of a hand

Live in Oakland District 4? Prevent Crime -> Win Oakland A’s Tickets!

The office of councilmember Libby Schaaf is awarding Oakland A’s tickets to the most organized Neighborhood.

These are the 15 neighborhoods competing against each other in District 4:

  1. Montclair
  2. Shepherd Canyon
  3. Piedmont Pines
  4. Oakmore
  5. Lincoln Highlands
  6. Dimond
  7. Woodminster
  8. Crestmont
  9. Laurel
  10. Redwood Heights
  11. Davenport
  12. Maxwell Park
  13. Allendale
  14. Fairfax
  15. Melrose

Here are the official details from Libby Office:

Do you live in an organized neighborhood? Are you helping to bring your community together? Tell us about it!
August 6th is National Night Out— a night to celebrate our neighborhoods and bring neighbors together. National Night Out (or NNO) was introduced in 1984 in an effort to promote neighborhood camaraderie and involvement in crime prevention activities. In recognition of National Night Out, Councilmember Libby Schaaf – District 4 is offering FREE Oakland A’s tickets to the most organized D4 communities.*
    There are three ways for a neighborhood to win:
        1. Have the greatest total NNO block parties on August 6th
        2. Have the greatest increase in total NNO block parties
        3. Be named the most organized neighborhood in District Four
For contest 1 and 2, simply register your NNO party with City here:
Please be sure to forward this email to your friends and neighbors…organized neighborhoods build community and public safety!
* Libby Schaaf’s office is still working out the details on the A’s tickets, so they cannot yet promise a specific number of tickets.


Here is the Kicker in the Survey for contest 3

Extra points are awarded to members of Neighborhood Guard

Extra points are awarded to members of Neighborhood Guard

Sign up for neighborhood Guard today and increase your changes of getting A’s tickets.

Enrollment Fee and Annual Fee

The enrollment fee to join Neighborhood Guard is based on the total number of households in your neighborhood not just the participating households. E.g. if your block has 88 households but only 48 participate in your security initiative then you would still sign up to Neighborhood Guard based on the 88 households.

Enrollment fee structure:

Households Enrollment Fee
Up to 10 $500
11 to 50 $1000
51 to 100 $1500
101 to 150 $2000
151 to 200 $2500
Each additional 50 households Additional $500

Enrollment fee includes the yearly fee per member organization for the rest of the calendar year in which the enrollment fee is paid. (It does not include the per camera fee) Continue reading

Neighborhood Guard Bylaws

The Neighborhood Guard Board has release the new Bylaws.

Bylaws Image

New Organizations wishing to join Neighborhood Guard must agree and adhere to the Bylaws.

The Bylaws can be changed by the members of Neighborhood Guard, (details in section 14 of the bylaws), we expect you to actively work with us to make the bylaws better every year.

First chance for changing the bylaws will be at the Annual Members meeting in October (Section 7 of the Bylaws)

If you have suggestions or proposal for changes to the bylaws make sure you submit them well in advance before the meeting so that they can make it into the notice for the meeting. (Section 8 and 14 of the Bylaws)

The current Board agrees that the Bylaws as they stand are “wordy” and could use additional editing to make them shorter and friendlier to read. If you are a wordsmith, legal-eagle or just likes fixing bylaws, please join our Bylaws Committee 😉

PDF Version of the bylaws. Neighborhood Guard Bylaws.v1 – Signed