Coop founding meeting Monday Nov 19th

Dear Friends.

As we have hinted at in various presentations in the Oakland area, we have great news.

Neighborhood Guard is becoming a COOP of Neighborhood groups.

This means that your neighborhood can become a part of Neighborhood Guard with influence and all benefits.

We are still working out all the details of the bylaws; fee structure and benefits.

This is the concept that we are currently working on (nothing set in stone yet)

  1. There will be a buy-in fee to join the coop to be paid by the joining Neighborhood group, the fee will depend on the size (no. of households) of the group, and will be reasonable for even the smallest cul-de-sac.
  2. There will also be an annual fee which will not depend on number of households but will depend on number of cameras.
  3. Until the COOP decides to change the Bylaws all work in the COOP will be unpaid volunteer work.
  4. Annual Fee will cover online hosting of Images for the neighborhood group; Data exchange services between the groups; state fees etc.
  5. Buy-in fees give ownership in the COOP, free access to software, training materials, discounted cameras, hardware, signs and different value added services to be defined etc.
  6. New member groups will get installation and setup help from a “mentor” neighborhood group.
  7. Once setup; the new member groups becomes a mentor group who will help recruit and setup other new member groups. (this is a requirement)
  8. The Neighborhood Guard Organization will provide training for mentor groups and facilitate a constant improvement process, to ensure that newly learned organizational and neighborhood security relevant information is distributed quickly and efficiently.
  9. All members will have access to a data exchange program between groups that will give us an unprecedented level of neighborhood security.

Meeting time and place

New member Information and sign up meeting Monday November 19th 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm at:

Redwood Height Recreation Center
3883 Aliso Avenue
Oakland, Ca, 94619

Direction to Redwood Heights Recreation Center

Direction to Redwood Heights Recreation Center


Meeting Agenda

  1. Introduction
  2. Outline of COOP organization
  3. Outline of Member Benefits
  4. Outline of Member Obligations
  5. Proposed Fee Structure
  6. Description of Tasks Ahead
  7. Election of Interim Board / Filling of Critical Volunteer Positions
  8. Open Discussion

We look forward to see all Neighborhood groups in Oakland concerned with the rising Crime.