Welcome to Neighborhood Guard

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Unpaid volunteers making communities safer

NG Vision: To provide communities with the tools to actively prepare them against threats while increasing peace and understanding

NG Mission: To demonstrate and evangelize non-violent methods that urban neighborhoods can adopt to reduce the risk of crime and increase disaster preparedness, combining technology and community, with an emphasis on volunteering and working together with other neighborhoods, civic groups and government, in a positive spirit for the benefit of all citizens.

Current initiatives:

  • General crime prevention and neighborhood organizing

  • DIY Neighborhood Camera for public spaces and streets
    • Installation instructions and help
    • Software development
  • Private security patrols
    • Vendor evaluations and selection process

Founded 2012 Oakland, CA
Neighborhood Guard Inc. is a California registered non-profit


8 thoughts on “Welcome to Neighborhood Guard

  1. Neighborhood Guard and JJ who helped us with our installation this Saturday,

    Thanks so much for the help with the neighborhood installation! We are very happy with the results.

    Jamie Lin

  2. We live in Montclair Hills on Arrowhead drive (right off of Shepard Canyon) and have had our cars broken into twice in the last three months. We’ve installed ADT but are still concerned about a home robbery. I know that other neighbors share the same concerns. What advice do you have?

    Thank you,
    Stella Richardson

  3. I have been tasked with trying to find a way to set up video surveillance and possible recording of our small neighborhood. How can I get info on how and possibly who can do this sort of task? We are relatively small with about 247 houses, four entrances, pool area, and a roundabout area. Thanks.

    • Hi Lloyd,

      This web-site is intended to enable you to setup your own camera, ie. the “where” is “here” and the “who” is “you”.

  4. I am currently in Thailand but would like to have a neighorhood guard
    camera installed. What is the next step?

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